We Help You Cut Through The Noise + Connect to God's Heart

So that Peace in Your Soul and Courageous Steps of Faith Become a Normal Way of Life

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Our Community Helps You Cut Through the Hustle + Grind Noise

Our Community Helps You Cut Through the Hustle + Grind Noise So that Peace in Your Soul and Courageous Steps of Faith Become a Normal Way of Life… Just Like Jesus Promised!

"Hello? This is God. I have been trying to connect with you, but you don’t hear Me…”

Quite often we don’t hear God speaking because the noise of life is too loud. The noise shouts every morning, “Rise and grind! It’s time to get your hustle on!”

We give in to the noise and then we’re left in a constant state of:

  • Doubt – about if we really hear God
  • Confusion – on whether the current state of our lives is really God’s best
  • Stress – from not living in the abundance of peace and calm Jesus provides

Unfortunately, we get stuck in the grind of life and it negatively impacts our thoughts, health, relationships, and the work that we do.

Intimacy with God is everything and YOU deserve to experience it at an even deeper level.

You Don’t Have To Be Doubtful, Stressed, and Confused Anymore.

At Release Heaven we know that you want to be a fearless Christian who trusts God in every part of your life.

To do that, you need to hear God clearly and know Him intimately.

The problem is the blaring NOISE from the grind of life which makes you feel overwhelmed, and fear gets in between your heart and God’s voice.

We believe God wants to intimately connect and do life and work WITH you. We believe He wants to be your source of not only abundant life, a courageous life as well.

We Get It!

We understand what it feels like to have a strong desire to move forward in faith and yet struggle with getting stuck in sticky mud of fear.

That’s why we created the Release Heaven community in 2019 and it became a resource of hope when the pandemic hit in 2020 as we pursued God’s heart and His ways together, as a supportive global Kingdom family.

Here’s How We Do It

  1. Register as a Release Heaven Member and enjoy a free 30-day trial. Yay!!! Your first 30 days are free so you can check us out and see if the Release Heaven family is a good fit for you. If not, you can easily cancel right from your account, and it is instant. If we are a good fit for you, together we get to experience authentic community in a Kingdom family of believers connecting to our Father’s heart consistently and living life as a bold and confident son or daughter of Papa God.
  2. Download our mobile app so you can join the conversations and immersive virtual experiences designed to help you connect to the Father’s heart 24/7. It’s like having an oasis, a retreat from the noise of the grind of life, right in the palm of your hand!
  3. Engage within the safety of community and experience the love of the Father in a deeper, personal, and transformative way. We host community experiences a minimum of twice a month which may include creative encounters through the arts, worship, journaling, Bible study, communion, and more.

So, you’re invited to join us! Join to try the Release Heaven Membership out for free today.

And in the meantime, you can subscribe to Release Heaven's Global Activation and we will keep you informed through email about our free monthly prophetic activation experiences where you can practice hearing God in a safe and supportive environment.

So you can stop leaving God in the background and instead connect directly to His heart today.


Most Christians get so distracted by the grind of life that they put their relationship with God on the back burner.

At Release Heaven we’ve created a community that helps people connect to the Father’s heart.

When you connect to the Father’s heart, the abundant life that Jesus promised is actually experienced, and peace in your soul and courageous steps of faith become a normal way of life.

We exist to help 1,000 men and women connect with the Father's heart in 2021 so they can experience radical transformation by the grace of God.

Hear From One of Our Members

When it comes to communities and groups online there are an overwhelming amount of choices, but out of all the different ones I have been apart of, Release Heaven is a treasure worth finding.

The community is genuine, welcoming, and supportive. It is amazing what can happen when everyone is not only focused on growing themselves but intentional about making sure everyone else around them grows too.

Release Heaven has been life changing for both the way I approach life and business in partnership with God.

If you want to pursue a life that is richer and deeper in relationship with God, if you want to be held accountable and uplifted when you stumble, if you want to experience a part of heaven in a community of people from all walks of life, this is the place to be.

-Craig Pickerill, Member

[MEMBER AGREEMENT] By joining Release Heaven you agree to respect the exclusivity of our content and privacy of our members by not sharing anyone's personal information, taking or distributing content (all content is for member's personal use only and is not to be shared with anyone unless specifically stated within the content), and not repeating, sharing or otherwise disseminating words, quotes, personal or business details that our members share or anything our members share, post, or divulge. 

Due to the nature of the training, equipping, and coaching offered inside of Release Heaven, our members share private and personal information. This is a safe space to share and grow and we expect every single member to honor all of our members and their privacy. 

Any violation of this trust is grounds for removal, permanent ban from Release Heaven, and legal action. We take member privacy and trust very seriously. 

By joining Release Heaven you agree to be honorable, kind, trustworthy, filled with grace for and toward others and to maintain confidentiality of the content herein.

[OUR AGREEMENT] By joining Release Heaven you can know that all of our facilitators and leaders commit to respect your privacy by abiding to the overall member agreement above, facilitate an experience and place of connection that is supportive, encouraging, honoring, and that equips you to connect with the Father's heart so you can experience a transformation that enables you to release heaven on earth while living all out in partnership with Him.


Upgrade Your Life Today!

Your first 30 days are free so why not Choose a Plan and join us today so we can help you transition from barely reading a short devotion or a few scriptures once or twice a week to having strategic and affirming conversations with Holy Spirit several times a day!

Or maybe you feel like God is far away and you'd like to live abundantly from the confidence of knowing He is with you every moment, loves you so very much, and you can lean into His arms at any time.

Perhaps you experience confusion and doubt because maybe you're living from a false identity (not in Christ) and orphan spirit and you'd much prefer to live boldly and confidently as a son or daughter of our Father, God.

It could be that maybe, like we were, you are fearful and hesitant in making plans to do things to honor God and you'd really like that to transform into courageously and excitedly partnering with God to see His Kingdom advance in the world.

No matter what transformation you desire, God is your source and intimacy with Him is everything.

If you're ready to cut through the noise and ignore the distractions of the grind of life, and connect with God, your Father, at an even deeper level, join us today as a member of Release Heaven. It would be our honor to welcome you to our Kingdom family.

Press the button to Choose a Plan and join us today.

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